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Empowering Citizens To Make a Confident and Informed Vote

Our Goals

VotEd is an iOS application which empowers citizens to make confident and informed votes at the federal, state and local government levels by matching users with political candidates based on opinions and current events. We believe voting is a year-round job, so VotEd keeps users informed about politicians they care about, such as how they are performing in office, and what bills they have voted on recently. In addition to this, VotEd constantly interacts with users by informing about and comparing opinions regarding current events.
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About Us

We are a group of seven seniors at Riverdale Country School, where we are all taking the CS Capstone course. In this course, we set out on a mission to educate and inform using technology. We agreed that voter apathy and misinformation is one of the most important and underserved facets of US society, so we created a solution to address this need.

Our team members are Ben Kaufman, Will Holzman, Nolan Flynn, Ryan McKinney, Michael Laret, Jamie Schreiber, and Ella Kay.

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Contact Us

Interested in our mission? If you want to talk to us and learn more about our application, contact us!


Twitter @thevotedapp